Asbestos Testing & Removal

Asbestos was extensively used as a building material from the early 1900s.
It was used for a variety of purposes and was ideal for fireproofing and insulation. Any building built before the year 2000 (houses, factories, offices, schools, hospitals etc) can contain asbestos. Properties constructed before the 1900s regularly still contain asbestos materials due to refurbishment and upgrade.

Gateville have fully trained asbestos removal operatives and trained asbestos contract managers to allow us to undertake non-licensed asbestos work in-house. From our experience in the asbestos industry we have extensive knowledge of removal procedures and have experience of carrying out removal of non-licensable products such as cement, vinyl and Bakelite products.

Licensed asbestos removal work is a significantly hazardous job because it involves higher risk asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). These materials are more likely to release larger quantities of asbestos fibres when being removed than lower risk materials (such as bonded materials in good condition like vinyl floor tiles). As a result, workers who are employed in removing higher risk ACMs require specific training and should follow specific working practices. Workers should also use sophisticated respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and are legally required to be under regular medical surveillance. It is because of the hazardous nature of this work that a licence to do it is required from HSE.

Non-Licensed Removals: There are some asbestos removal tasks, involving lower risk asbestos-containing materials that do not require a licence. This is because the level of exposure to asbestos fibres from this type of work is not expected to present a significant risk, provided that the correct precautions are taken. However, under the asbestos regulations that came into force in April 2012, there are now two categories of ‘non-licensed’ work, one of which, ‘notifiable non-licensed work (NNLW)’, has additional requirements for employers.


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